Torch Magazine

a little about the project

Torch Magazine is a commemorative platform about 57 seniors from different universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Virginia Tech, George Mason University, and University of the Arts.

Each of the 57 seniors are featured in a double page spread, with portraits accompanied by submitted personal essays.

Storytelling was the key to my approach for the project. I started by asking my friends, and then gathered more volunteers through word-of-mouth. About a third of the students in the magazine I met for the first time through the project.

I spent the months between September 2018 and April 2019 meeting, photographing, and designing everyone’s portraits and stories into one 116 page magazine. But each spread was more than just a photo shoot. It was getting to know someone, and getting know why that place is special to them. Getting to photograph that part of everyone’s lives, and to commemorate them in a printed platform, is really special to me.

Thank you so much for all the support for this project! I’ll always cherish the memories I made in the creation of this magazine.

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A look inside the magazine

The Launch Party

A few of my favorite portraits