The RAW Book


Food is an integral part of the young adult’s culture and mental health. They must confront countless confusing opinions on how to interact with food; influences like magazines, doctors, administrative initiatives, Instagram influencers, and online blogs all demand consideration.

The RAW Book and project provides a beautiful, modern text that college students and other young adults can turn to for factual information and a bidirectionally-empathetic experience. Its foundation is a visual exploration of the relationship between young adults and food through photographic essays, illustrations, and active design. For scientific grounding, it includes psychological and biological studies on topics such as eating disorders, social influence, and stress, and sociological factors such as income inequality and religion.

RAW started as a collaboration between Sarah Holland and I, and evolved into an effort involving everyone with a story to share in order to stimulate conversation, encourage cooperation, and provide a resource for young adults to gain information and empathy.

We received two grants from the University of Pennsylvania to run print this book in August of 2017. I independently photographed all the material.

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